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How does it work?

  1. Drag and drop files from desktop

    Clodui takes your files and...

    • Minifies all HTML, CSS, JavaScript files
    • Generate optimized images
    • Deploy to CDN
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    That's it, click on the auto-generated URL to see your website in action.

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How does my website load faster?

Fast websites perform better. Your users deserve the best experience possible and when your product pages, images, and assets load lightning fast, users will take notice. Here's how Clodui can improve your website speed drastically.
Global CDN

Your users aren’t all from the same place, so why is your website delivered from just one place? With Clodui, we deploy your website to a Globally Distributed CDN(Content Delivery Network), so when a user visits your site, it’s served from the nearest CDN server.

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Asset Optimization

Big files will slow your site down. Clodui will automatically minify your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files and serve a compressed Brotli or Gzip format to users. This further boosts your website speed without affecting the end result.

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Image Optimization

Still using clunky PNG and JPEG files? We’ll take your images and convert them to the web's modern image format: Webp. With smaller image files in the same or better resolution, you can have a much faster-loading website with the same user experience.

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Smart Image Resize

You wouldn’t deliver desktop-sized images to a mobile device, would you? If you are, you’re slowing down mobile users, which can have negative effects on your site performance. We help you counteract this via Clodui support for resizing images using URL parameters and Client-Hint based resize, which allows images to dynamically resize based on the browser and device.

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  • Drag and drop deployment

    Simple and easy way to deploy a website, drag and drop files from your desktop and your website is ready within seconds.

  • Asset Optimization

    Optimize HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images automatically. We generate modern image formats like WebP from your JPEG or PNG images.

  • Global CDN and SSL

    Clodui website powered by globally distributed CDN servers, which improves speed further. Clodui provides free SSL by default, which improves your SEO ranking.

  • Smart Image Optimization

    Clodui automatically resizes images based on Client-Hint header and changes image quality based on Data-Saver headers.

  • Automatic Form Handling

    Form submissions saved automatically, and you can configure to send an email when the user submits a form.

  • Atomic Deployment

    All deployments are atomic and have deployment history with support for instant rollback.

Clodui CLI
Deploy website from your continuous integration pipeline using Clodui Command-line interface (CLI). Read more about Clodui CLI from the docs here



Save 20%

by choosing yearly plans

Basic Plan
$0 /month
price per website, billed yearly
  • 1GB bandwidth/month
  • 30 deployments/month
  • 100 form submissions/month
  • 30 days deployment history
Pro Plan
$4.99 /month
price per website, billed yearly
  • 10GB bandwidth/month
  • 100 deployments/month
  • 1K form submissions/month
  • 60 days deployment history
Business Plan
$14.99 /month
price per website, billed yearly
  • 100GB bandwidth/month
  • 1K deployments/month
  • 10K form submissions/month
  • 90 days deployment history
* Max 5 websites in Basic plan per user
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